One day in Hamburg

27.04.18 9.00pm: So we decided to fly to Hamburg, Germany to see one of Mikes most favourite music composers of all time…the legendary HANS ZIMMER in Concert!

However…because I am stupid/booked whilst drinking prosecco/wasn’t concentrating …we/I realised after purchasing all tickets and flights and selling it to the family…I had actually booked HANZ ZIMMER AND FRIENDS which is actually a tribute to Hans Zimmer by his friends and the man himself won’t actually be there….but hey you gotta roll with it! It’s still gonna be good….right?

We did actually catch his tour last year THE HANZ ZIMMER EXPERIENCE and he was there leading the whole show at the Liverpool Echo arena and it was brilliant.

The man is a genius and if your into your movies then you will appreciate hearing the Gladiator, Pirates of the Caribbean and Inception theme tunes with a full orchestra and choir! I mean that’s like goose pimple central right there!

So on this trip I’m joined by my gorgeous hubby and our lovely Mums! They get on like true bezzies so we plan to be the awesome foursome!

So we’re going to Hamburg Germany for one night only! Excited to see just how many great things we can cram in and I will share the highlights of our trip for anyone else bonkers enough to do the same!

Alarm is set for 5am ready to travel to Gatwick and catch our 10am flight with EasyJet!


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