Winter in Canada

Winter in Canada has been a super exciting adventure so far! The first heavy snowfall was just like being a kid again!

It comes down in beautiful big soft flakes. The best bit about Canada is once the snow is down on the ground usually the sky’s are blue and the sun shines…it’s just stunning!

So began the epic daily task of shovelling the drive! Thank goodness my husband is super fit and active, insisting on doing most of it.

Our garage links straight to our house so there has been lots of quick dashes to the car when temperatures dropped to as low as -30 with wind chill! Grateful for the heated seats and the feeling of my bum thawing out. We are kitted out with good snow boots, coats and inner liners for our gloves and some snoods! We quickly learned there’s only one way to dress.

Lake Ontario

Our second interesting weather experience has been the freezing rain! This leaves your drive and all the pathways more equipped for ice skating than the Rockefeller centre! No joke, it was thick sheets of ice lining our driveway.

The scariest part of this was driving on the freeways and seeing huge chunks flying off the lorries with care swerving avoid them. I also heard a few horror stories of them coming straight through people window screens. On a positive note Icicles form everywhere possible and again they are magical…let’s hold on to that!

Our car is fitted with awesome snow tyres and copes really well so I’m becoming more confident every time.

We are now into February and we’re ready for more! We have tons of winter plans and activities on the bucket list so excited to get these ticked off.

The highlight is that Glen Eden ski resort is just 20 minutes from us and it’s becoming our regular Sunday. There is nothing quite like being out in the fresh Canadian air and having the snow all around you!

Glen Eden

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