We are emigrating!

So I have some news!

Mike and I are excited to say we are EMIGRATING to Ontario, Canada in September!

We decided to keep it all very quiet until we knew that it was definitely going ahead.

Now that it is all confirmed, our close friends and family know and Mike has handed in his notice we thought it was time for the big FB announcement!

I will be officially announcing to my company The Star Project when we return from our Eurotrip in 2 weeks.

This blog will tell you how this came about and what will be happening from here. Grab a cup of tea you might need it!


Mike and I have always had a huge desire to travel, explore and live abroad. We had been discussing it a lot in the past 6 months and then suddenly the universe just presented us with the perfect opportunity when Mike was invited for an interview.

He attended and came away feeling extremely positive. This was followed by a Skype interview with the company directors and a promise they would be in touch either way.

From the moment the opportunity arrived we both just had that good feeling you get when something special is about to happen.

On Valentine’s Day 2018, Mike received an email to say that his second interview had been successful and the company would like to fly us both out to Toronto for Mikes final interview and a welcome and orientation trip.

The trip lasted 4 days.

I mean I nearly fell of my chair..someone was going to pay for me to go on holiday. Cheers mate!


The company flew us from Gatwick London directly in to Toronto, they had arranged a hire car for us to get about in and we would be staying at The Waterfront Hotel Burlington. We were promised a busy few days and they didn’t disappoint!

We arrived on Saturday evening, so enough time for a walk into downtown Burlington for Dinner. We found “Rayhoon Persian Dinery” and after sleepy meal for two headed back to our hotel for a good nights rest after our long journey.


Sunday was our FREE day where we were told to explore and do whatever we wanted, so we made the most of our hire car and decided to venture South to Niagara Falls with lunch and a stop off in Niagara on the lake.

Niagara on the lake was still so Christmassy with most houses and shops still covered in wreaths and twinkly lights.

It reminded me of an English Cotswold town, very quaint and pretty. We took a trip up the skylon tower with our Starbucks, waved to America and through a total gale gazed down on Niagara Falls from above.

We then took a walk along the boardwalk seeing the falls up closer and enjoying a real rainbow over rainbow bridge.

The spray from the Falls made the road wet, despite it being a good 800 metres away. We couldn’t take the maid in the midst tour due to the season/weather, so instead did “The Journey Behind the Falls”

Not only was this quite exciting (with the drum of the water beating down against the walls) it reminded me of the sinking of the titanic (which added to the adrenaline haha!) and it was interesting to read about the bonkers people who have attempted to survive a jump or drop in a barrel over Niagara Falls.

Mum told me I had taken the maid in the mist tour on a trip when I was just 3 years old and my words to her back then apparently were “you will hold on tight when we go over the top won’t you”

We finished our Sunday with a sunset drive home and dinner at The Martini House in downtown Burlington.


On Monday we had our orientation booked. We squeezed in breakfast at the famous sunset grill before we got picked up by our host…there was more food than any person my size could even consider finishing…but yummy!

The orientation was something I was really looking forward to as it was a chance to be driven around the local area and possible neighbourhoods for us to live and become our home.

We were guided on where we could shop, eat. good schools (for any future paynes), gyms and recreational areas and general life in the Ontario area.

We also discussed the relocation process from the U.K, shipping our stuff, visas and immigration plus work permits. As I’m sure you can imagine we had SO many questions.

It was a long day in the car exploring Burlington, Oakville and Hamilton and gave us a good idea of where we could see ourselves.

Burlington being our number one choice due to it being so close to Mikes work and a super trendy place to live,

Oakville very classy however slightly further away and the most expensive of the 3 and Hamilton our last choice although very arty and up and coming.

However, Mike still didn’t have the job so kept our feet firmly on the ground through it all.


That evening we were told to dress up and be in reception for 6am. We were picked up by a limo bus and drove to central Toronto to the CNN with other candidates and management.

We were treated to a beautiful 4 course dinner and ice wine (very famous in the region) in the revolving restaurant and had some fun on the glass floors testing out Mikes fear of heights 😉

We returned back to the waterfront hotel excited, spoilt and sleepy!


Mikes interview was at 9am. So I spent the morning enjoying room service and searching for local opportunities for me in the area online.

I also checked out Burlington Performing Arts Centre before heading to the airport for home. A total whirlwind trip.


I guess I gave that away at the start of the blog but two weeks later the email arrived to say Mike had been successful. Proudest wife on earth alert!

Waiting to hear was the most impatient I have ever felt before and if you know me that’s pretty inpatient!

We knew without a doubt this was an opportunity we just couldn’t pass up.

The chance to live and experience life in another country, canada is a fantastic place and an area of the world we wanted to explore more of and it is such a great move for Mike’s career.

I knew that this meant leaving a lot of things behind and a big life change. My amazing Star Project, freelance work, our house, cars, family and friends and most probably starting our family in Canada. Life is for living right?

The most important thing is that our furr baby will be joining us for the adventure…there is no quarantine for cats, socks is becoming a Canadian cat. He is retirement on the slopes!

So…Mike signed the contract, we cleared immigration and the countdown begins…


We leave on Monday 16th September.

So of course the next 2.5 months are going to be crazy busy, finalising immigration, packing up our lives, selling our cars, renting out our houses, selling and clearing out a lot of stuff. Exciting and daunting!

We will fly out for a home finding trip at the end of July.


What about Star Project?

It will be stronger than ever!

I will remain as the Director of The Star Project and at the helm of the company. I have been recruiting some amazing new team members over the past few months to keep the school running efficiently and fantastically on the ground and my role will be to run “head office” remotely from Canada.

My incredible team are ready to hit the ground running without me there in person in September. I will be there to get the term off to a fab start and will remain at the heart of it all.

I will still be available for parents by email and will plan all shows and classes, meeting with the team remotely regularly.

I will be announcing to SP very shortly of the changes and my news. I will return to be present for the big shows and to check on how things are going.

I will also be starting on a whole new venture in becoming a PROFESSIONAL TRAVEL BLOGGER and earning an income through affiliate marketing and I have been busy launching my NEW COMPANY


I have been lucky enough affiliate with a fantastic company who sell high ticket products and I am super excited for a new challenge!

I will be blogging our journey to the other side of the world and coaching others that want to do the same. My focus will be to travel blog full time alongside my SP head office work. This means I can work remotely from anywhere! My big dream.

I promise to be as honest as possible about the emotions, highs, lows, struggles and success’s of this big move!

We are over the moon and embracing what the universe is putting in our path!

We will be having a leaving party on Saturday September 8th, invites to follow and would love it if our nearest and dearest could show your gorgeous faces and come and say goodbye…or see you soon!

Of course that is going to be the hardest part for us, however we know that love travels a million miles and that nothing will change our true friendships. Our door is always open so PLEASE visit! I’m relying on that!

So please join us on our journey! I have launched my new travel blog pages, please follow and like.

FACEBOOK: @laptopjetsetters

INSTAGRAM: @laptopjetsetters

Blog: www.laptopjetsetters.comTRAVEL BLOG (work in progress!)

Much Love and Adventures!

JoJo Payne

Laptop Jetsetters

Just a girl travelling with the world and earning money from her laptop with her husband by here side!
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